Interested in Joining the Shaffer Family?

Here is what some of our Shaffer Agents have to say about us!

What do you love about the company?

"All of the resources. It is a company with a lot of training and opportunity for growth. I like the culture. The settlement company also being there makes it a one stop shop. Everyone is very supportive and there is no people competition." - Laura L.

"The company always encourages you to try harder. It is simply a great company to be apart of." - Ashley D.

"It is a great place for not only new agents but experienced agents as well." - Bryon A.

"I like the fact that you don't have to be in the HRRA. Also, there are no monthly fees and there is a low cap." - Christine A.

"There is NEVER a question that Jarett can't answer!" - Phil D.

"If I can't do it with Shaffer, I can't do it with anyone. I love the transparency. They really do care, and when someone shows so much care, I don't know how you can find it anywhere else." - Lisa G.

"The education. You're always able to reach your broker, it feels like you are working with family!" - Vivian H.

"Well organized, I love the culture! Very supportive atmosphere with a great culture of learning!" - Sharon P.

"It doesn't feel like a robotic, multi-level marketing firm. Small business feel but tools available that a larger business would have." - Rhonda S.

What do you love about your broker?

"Jarett is always THERE! He is there for advice and extremely supportive." - Laura L.

"He is straight up and honest, and always there to give you his opinion." - Thor M.

"I know I can call Jarett at any given time. He will give me 100% undivided attention, and from what I've heard, that's hard to get elsewhere." - Stephanie K.

"Very attentive. You can rely on him. You can call on him. He is ALWAYS there!" - Maureen K.

"Their sincerity toward agents and the company's true concern for your growth and development." - Gayle & Steve M.

If you are interested in a career at Shaffer, please call the office at 757-468-5000! We would love to hear from you!