3 Tips to Land Your Dream Home During the Holidays

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Real Estate

Hi!  Welcome back to #FabulousFriday!  Wow-it's incredible to believe that we are already into the second week in December!  Many people are busy baking cookies and attending parties, however--some buyers are still hoping to land a home during this holiday season. 

There are many strategic reasons for buying a home during the holidays.  In fact, there can be serious advantages to making a purchase at the end of the year.  It's true--there are typically less buyers at this time of year, but the good news is...that equals less competition.  This can make it easier to find a home--and get a good deal when you do.  

Moreover, there are several perks to buying during the holiday season if your plan is sound.  Are you considering a home purchase as we close out the year? 

Here’s what to expect-and 3 tips on how to do it successfully:

  1. Since demand can be down this time of year, buyers may have leverage. They can use that leverage to get the best deal possible.  Sellers often want to unload a home before the New Year arrives.  Buyer’s can capitalize on this anxiety.  The closer we get to the end of the year; the more concessions sellers may be willing to offer.
  2. A willingness to be flexible may land you your dream home. Consider this negotiating tactic--seller’s may not want to move while the holidays are in full swing.  A willingness to negotiate seller possession may put you in the driver’s seat and increase the likelihood that your offer is the one that gets accepted.
  3. According to real estate statistics, the best days to buy a house—at least pricewise are all in the last two months of the year. Additionally, many sellers that have their home on the market during the holiday season are motivated sellers and sometimes they may be willing to accept a lower offer.  Buyers who purchase during the holiday season may be able to negotiate several things, such as price, seller concessions and mortgage buydowns. 

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Check back next week for more inspirational tips and tricks for living a rich real estate life!  Warmly, Susan