3 Ways to Turn Challenges into Opportunities!

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Real Estate

Hi!  Welcome back to #Mentorship Monday!  It can be valuable for an apprentice to learn from their mentor's experiences--especially when it comes to life's challenges. In fact, yesterday, I had a full work day planned--including writing this blog--but my airline and travel back home had different ideas. My plans for a productive day went sideways and I had to reprioritize on the fly.  

It's not so difficult to rearrange one's day when faced with an unexpected phone call, or unplanned office visit, but when an entire day's work productivity goes awry...there's a choice to be made.  One path is to view the changes with frustration and resistance.  The other path is to embrace the change, no matter how uncomfortable and look for the silver lining.  

Over the years, I have observed that time management and juggling multiple priorities can be a real nemesis for busy real estate professionals.  Here are 3 tips to transform your unexpected challenges into opportunities:

1)  "Difficulties mastered are opportunities won."-Winston Churchill  When listings are plentiful, everyone can be a shining star.  It's during times when you find yourself and your clients faced with shockingly short offer time tables and lending limits--your strategic thinking talents can sparkle.  Approach a crisis with enthusiasm, confidence and conviction.  Moreover, focused determination can lead you to the winner's circle.  Get creative and uncover solutions with high energy and positive thinking.

2)  Get into full attack mode when strongly opposed.  Facing opposition is not the time for timidity.  Be brave.  Take strategic risks and rise above the competition.  Be willing to think "outside the box".  Mindset often determines whether people encounter crisis effectively, or crumble under pressure. 

3)  Be daringly innovative and try out new tactics and techniques.  There is a natural tendency to pull back and maintain the status quo.  Be willing to try a new approach.  Unless you have addressed a similar situation in the past and have a game plan that works, now is the time to express your strategic creativity.  Your willingness to try new and innovative approaches displays your inner strength and negotiation savvy.  

In this constantly competitive business environment, struggles never diminish. My travel delay transformed into a wonderful opportunity to spend time with an old family friend.  The time we spent together created treasured memories.  Had the plane not been delayed, I would have missed out on that special time of community and connection.

It's your attitude that will determine the outcome.  Understand this fact, accept it with courage and turn your challenges into opportunities.  Tune in next Monday for more mentorship tips and tricks.  See you soon!  Warmly, Susan