4 Steps to Real Estate Sales Success

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Hi!  Welcome back to #MotivationMonday!  Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  Every agent who gets their license dreams of the freedom from the grind of the 9-5 routine and a six to seven figure income.  But the sad reality is that the attrition rate is high in the real estate industry.  Many take off like a rocket but fall from the sky quickly and hit the ground--hard.  In fact, many agents try many different strategies, they join brands that promise instant income overnight, and overlook the fact that 60-80% of what they earn is taken off the top-before it gets to their household checkbook.  So, how do some agents make it and others don't?  What's the secret?  Here are 4 top tips to become a real estate superstar:  

1)  Making Connections.  Beyond knowing the facts about surrounding neighborhoods, property values, and other features, consider what makes this specific home a good match for your clients.  Does the personality of the house align with your buyers goals and intentions?  Real estate is about knowing what your buyer desires in a home and matching the available housing supply to their desired property. 

2)   Communication Specialist.  Real estate is about listening to clients needs and establishing trust and connection.  You can set yourself apart from the crowd by showing how much you care.  Practice active listening skills.  Listen twice as much as you speak.  Put away distractions and focus all your attention on your client, without preparing what you will say in response.  Really listen intently to understand.  

3)  Know Your Why.  There may be months, even years, when you don't make the earnings that you want.  When the going gets tough, you'll want to remember why real estate is important to you.  Knowing your why will help you through the peaks and valleys of building a strong real estate brand.  It's crucial that you find your passion and purpose.

4)  Education and Training.  Some clients want websites and blogs, some prefer texts, others phone calls or lead nurturing and property email updates.  Education means that you are prepared for any situation, any market condition and upcoming trends and changes in the industry.  Today's agents need the kind of hands-on-skill building training that keeps them on top of their game and ahead of the competition.  

We have many tips and tricks to help you become a real estate rockstar.  In fact, at Shaffer, we have the innovative edge on education, tools and technology in the market.  We can help you stay ahead of the competition and streamline processes that increase your productivity.  That's a win-win.  From web to apps, to contact management, and listing and sales tools-we've got everything you need to do the kind of business you've always wanted to do.  We empower our agents to create a sustainable, repeatable, substantial stream of commission income to help them feel secure.  We work hard to provide our agents with what they need to succeed at a higher level.  Contact me to arrange a one-on-one strategy session and take your career to the next level.  See you soon!  Warmly, Susan