5 Fun Activities to Enjoy this Spring

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Hi!  Welcome back to #WorldWednesday.  The spring flowers are starting to bloom and it's time to get outside and enjoy the season with your favorite four footed friend.  Spring is the perfect time of year to find high-energy activities to do with your dog.  It's time to enjoy the warm weather, stretch your legs and bond with your pet in the fresh warm spring air. 

Here are some 5 great activities to do with your dog:

1)  Go camping in the back yard.  A camping staycation in the spring is perfect; the sun isn't too hot, but the days are still long.  Dogs are drawn to the outdoors, so camping with your dog is ideal for them; not only are they getting to spend most the day running around with their family, but this time spent outside together is the perfect bonding opportunity.

2)  Throw a frisbee.  Simple, but effective.  Throwing a frisbee is a great workout for both of you.  It can help both you and your dog run off some extra energy after being kept inside during the cold winter hours.

3)  Take a walk.  Take your furry friend with you to stretch your legs...and theirs.  Soak up the sunshine and get some exercise at the same time.  

4)  Create an adventure.  Jump over posts, duck under fences, hunt for frogs, look for lady bugs, search for caterpillars, look for bird's nests.  Doing an activity together can feel like a refreshing change of pace from being kept inside by cold weather.

5)  Play a game.  Play tag, throw a tennis ball, bring out the dog toys and spread them throughout the yard and do a scavenger hunt together.  Collect all the toys at the end and put them back for another day.

Spring is many people's favorite time of the year with flowers in bloom--so head outside with your best friend and enjoy the change of seasons together.

See you next Wednesday for more fun in the sun.  Talk to you soon!  Warmly, Susan