5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in 2022

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Hi!  Welcome back to #FabulousFriday!  If you have been thinking of doing some home improvements with a good ROI--minus the hefty price tag...this article is for you.  Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1)  Focus on the kitchen.  You don't need to do a complete kitchen renovation to experience significant return on your investment.  If your space has a good layout, you can make some minor adjustments and make a big impact.  Key upgrades focus on new pendant lighting over the kitchen island, new cabinet hardware and a fresh kitchen backsplash.  You can also consider refacing your cabinets or upgrading your appliances.  Many of these changes can be done on a budget.

2)  Refresh with Paint.  The quickest and easiest way to get some bang for your buck is to apply a fresh coat of paint.  The cost of a can of paint can range based on brand name and quality, but expect to pay between $15 and $45 dollars a gallon.  Avoid trendy colors and opt for neutrals.  Be sure to paint the ceilings and the trim to achieve an overall clean fresh look.  Don't forget to attend to exterior paint as well.  Consider repainting exterior trim and finishes for a fresh new look.  

3)  Refinish hardwood flooring.  There's no denying that beautiful flooring makes a great first impression.  If you have existing hardwood floors, by refinishing them, you can expect a 70% to 80% return on investment.  By picking the right stain color, your hardwood floors can be timeless or trendy.  You can turn this into a DIY project to save additional expenses.  If you don't currently have hardwood floors, they can be a great and beautiful investment in the overall look of your home.  So, skip the wall-to-wall carpeting and opt for hardwood floors instead.  

4)  Change out your hardware.  From the kitchen to the bathrooms, this can make a great and beautiful impact.  Since hardware is on every door-old hardware can make your home seem outdated.  This is another budget friendly project that can make a big difference in the overall feeling of your interiors.  Consider switching out your current handles for something more modern.  Mixed metals are trending right now.  But don't stop with the interior of your home, consider changing out the hardware on your home's exterior as well.  

5)  Don't forget the exterior spaces.  With all the focus on making changes to the inside of the home, don't neglect upgrades on the outside.  Sometimes a good cleaning, windows, doors and sashes, along with power washing can breathe new life into your outdoor living spaces.  Consider adding shrubs, flowers or ornamental trees to make your outdoor space more welcoming, create privacy, or give you a place to entertain and relax.  Consider adding planters made of stone or ceramic with seasonal color that ties in with the rest of the home's color scheme.  

Check back next Friday for more real estate tips and tricks.  See you soon!  Warmly, Susan