5 Self-Care Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

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Hi!  Thanks for tuning in for #FitFriday!  Real Estate entrepreneurs are often terrible at taking care of themselves.  They pride themselves on working long hours and barely having time for a personal life.  In fact, I remember the days of showing property, touring multiple homes and suddenly realizing that the only thing I ate that day was a pack of crackers I found in the middle console of my car.  If you can relate-this article is for you :-)  

It happens to many of us when we are so focused on getting the job done that self-care isn't even a consideration.  But I learned...the hard way-that managing my health and well-being started from the inside out.  I began the journey towards a better, happier, healthier me--using the following self-care strategies:

1)  Establish a Start and Stop Time.  Many real estate professionals feel the pressure to always be "on" and available.  Always on call, always on top of things, and always accessible.  It is so important to set boundaries for when you take calls, write emails, and send and receive texts.  Create a consistent schedule.  Establish when your day begins and when it ends and then communicate this to your clients.  Put this on your voicemail, and establish this clear expectation when starting your working relationship.  Turn off your phone at a certain time of day.  Set up your voicemail with auto-replies in a way that is respectful and establishes your boundaries.

2)  Recharge your batteries during the day.  A few things to incorporate into your daily routine--take a walk.  This can be a brisk walk around the block.  You can show up to a property 20 minutes in advance and do a quick walk around the block.  This can not only help you, but you will be able to notice and tell your clients some neighborhood items you observe along the way.  Meditate for 5 minutes.  You can easily do this in the car.  You can use one of the breathing meditations from previous blogs to help you center yourself before engaging in negotiations or before a listing appointment.  Stretch.  There are several easy yoga stretches you can do in a seated position. Read.  Sit in your car for a few minutes and read something you really enjoy, perhaps a travel magazine, or an article that you haven't had the time to stop and enjoy.  

3)  Keep your body healthy.  Daily exercise can boost your energy level and help you make the most of every day.  Eat balanced meals.  Try to incorporate home cooked meals rather than eating out.  Try creating a weekly menu that you post, with a shopping list and share these chores with your life partner.  Stay hydrated.  Try to incorporate at least 8 glasses of water per day.  This helps to boost your immune health and keeps your mind clear.  Get enough sleep.  Try aiming for 7-8 hours per night.  If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, with your mind racing, try a sleep meditation.  Establish a ritual for bed-time and maintain that schedule.

4)  Leave room for what you love.  Find what fulfills you and do that as often as you can.  Spend time with your favorite people.  Take a cooking class, learn to paint, read a new book.  Find something that you love to do and incorporate that into your weekly schedule.  Don't deviate from it.  Treat this appointment with as much integrity and respect as you give your other priorities.  

5)  Remember...self-care is not selfish.  Taking time to care for yourself is a necessary part of being productive, passionate and positive.  Your mental, physical and emotional health is important.  Subscribe to positive affirmations and read them every day.  Have a business plan and include personal goals in it.  A well-rounded business plan should include obtaining the necessary resources to enjoy your life and partake in activities you have earned the funds for.  You are NOT selfish.  The health of your mind and body is crucial to your career longevity.  The clients and people who love you and depend on you will always want the best for you.

I hope these 5 tips can help you to create better habits and inspire you to take better care of the most important person-YOU!  Check back next Friday for more tips and tricks for a more successful life.  See you soon!  Warmly, Susan