5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

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Nothing feels quite as cozy and welcoming as a warm home on a cold day.  In fact, it's easier to make a house feel like a home in the winter. 

Here are 5 tips and tricks for selling your home this winter:

1)  Keep it simple.  Less is more regarding decorations.  If you typically go all out-consider being selective with your winter decorations.

2)  Crank up the cozy.  Make the cold work for you.  Light a fire, bake fresh cookies, and play soft holiday music in the background.

3)  Let the light shine.  Turn on all the lights, both inside and out before showings.  Let the warm glow fill your home and lighten up the dark corners.  Remember, it gets dark early, be sure to keep the porch lights on.

4)  If you are using outside decor, take it down right after the holidays.  Keep clutter to a minimum.  Trim the bushes, and clear the leaves or any outside debris, such as dead tree limbs.  Make your exterior landscape look crisp, clean and inviting.

5)  Pay attention to hallway clutter. Hang up coats, put away shoes and keep entryways clean, swept, and free of debris. 

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