5 Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Hi!  Welcome back to #WorldWednesday.  Over the past 18 months we have been housebound.  In many cases, our interior designs have received more introspection and attention than ever before.  Our time spent hunkering down indoors naturally directed our attention to our design spaces, surroundings, what works for us--and what doesn't.  At the end of the day, good design is a reflection of society, what we are prioritizing and what we are impacted by.  If the past couple of years have taught us anything-its that our home should be a reflection of the people who inhabit it and a place to create our own pursuit of happiness.  Here are 5 top interior design trends that I am noticing for 2022:

1) Brown is taking over interior colors in 2022.  Color psychology-or how different shades affect our emotional being-states that humans feel a sense of safety and security when surrounded by brown.  Why?  It's associates with earth, calming and resilient element that keeps us quite literally grounded.  It's no surprise after two years or pandemic uncertainly that brown is seeing a massive resurgence in home decor and interior design.  Brown can fit within a neutral, pared down palette and offers warm minimalism.  

2)  Sustainable practices.  Sustainability is on our minds this year.  From building materials to furniture, consumers are increasingly looking to adopt more innovative products that are designed with sustainability in mind.  Next year and beyond, I see a trend emerging for green technology in residential interiors.  From smart thermostats to recycled water systems, homeowners will be more conscious of their consumption and actively look for ways to reduce their energy and water usage.  Sustainability doesn't mean we have to sacrifice beautiful design.  In fact, sustainable materials cause us to reimagine interior spaces with more creative artistry and flair.

3)  We want texture.  Even the most basic neutral palette can feel exceptional when lots of different textures are incorporated.  It's not about the match-it's about the mix.  "We'll definitely see an uptick in texture in 2022-the more, the better!", says designer Andi Morse of Morse Design.  Soft velvets may be mixed with boucle fabrics, woven furniture and sisal carpets.  When these elements are combined, it provides a warmth which creates an inviting space.

4)  Foyers are a focal point.  Entryways to our homes-including foyers and mudrooms-are getting lots of attention.  This is the first area people see when they enter a home.  The space should make a statement and invite people to come into your home.  Don't be afraid to make it amazing.  Aim to create a well styled welcoming vibe with a mixture of what's to come as one travels deeper into the rich design elements incorporated throughout your home.

 5)  Vintage and Reclaimed.  For many months now, supply-chain issues have been top of mind in the real estate industry.  Anyone buying a home, redecorating, or even shopping for repairs, have faced shortages.  As a natural reaction, second-hand shopping has increased in popularity.  Expect to see vintage and antique furniture gain in popularity in the coming year, with homeowners focusing their money and attention on making these new-old items their own.  With massive shipping delays and increased raw materials, vintage pieces are becoming more desirable.  

As we emerge from the last two years, there is hope that the quality of life will improve.  The transition to home-based work will reduce urban air pollution, overcrowding, and transportation pollution and gridlock.  It will enhance the overall quality of life, create a better environment for family life, and inspire other creative solutions and enhancements.  We now have the rare chance to reconfigure major systems, including education, health care and workplaces.  

Check back next Wednesday for more practical tips and tricks for improving your lifestyle.  See you soon.  Warmly, Susan