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Hi!  Welcome back to #FabulousFriday!  A recent Gallup report on the millennial generation reveals that 21% of millennials say they have changed jobs within the past year.  That is 3 times the number of non-millennials who report the same.  This is a result in a desire for more flexibility, prioritizing well-being and family, as well as remote or hybrid work.  Now, a new survey finds that more than half of Gen Z and millennial employees say they may change jobs this year.  Real estate may be the perfect career for those desiring a new path.  Here are some reasons to consider the change:

1)  Your hours, your income, your way.  Unlike a salaried position, you can be entirely in control of when you want to work and however long you want.  All of your success is up to you.

2)  Find your purpose.  Dull desk jobs aren't for everyone.  This industry offers the versatility and excitement in a work environment that many people crave.  The real estate industry is highly rewarding!

3)  Serve your community.  Real estate offers amazing opportunities to be social, make new connections, and help people during major milestones.  This is ideal for anyone who has a passion for giving back!

At Shaffer Realty and Real Estate, we care about our agents-both current and prospective.  Unlike other real estate firms that focus solely on agents' income potential, we see the professional and mental potential in every real estate mentee.  We get to know them on a personal level and encourage them to live their dream.  

We are your trusted source of real estate practices and support.  If you are looking for a community of agents that builds you up, sits with you on hard days, celebrates with you on good days, and provides you with ways to give back, Shaffer Realty is here for you.  We offer you the following:

  • Support from Day 1 and beyond.  We encourage everyone to pursue their goals and dreams by creating a career in real estate.  Whether it's day 1, day 500 or years in the future, Shaffer Realty and Real Estate is committed to supporting our agents.
  • Learn The Shaffer Way.  Prospective agents, and even seasoned ones, face a lot of challenges throughout their careers.  We offer top-of-the-line training.
  • Empowering Company Culture.  Agents benefit from world class technology and an empowering company culture with leads provided at no cost and full-service support staff from transaction to closing.  

Ready to Make a Change?  Reach out to us today to schedule a confidential career consultation.  Have a great weekend!  See you soon.  Warmly, Susan