A Tribute to My Grandma Great-Happy Mother's Day!

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Hi!  Welcome back to #FitFriday.  This weekend is Mother's Day and it's a wonderful time to honor and remember those who provided us with love and nurture. 

This is a tribute to the most special Mother in the world to me..my Grandma Great.  She was the sunshine of my young life.  These words are for her:

To the world, you were one person, but to me, you were my world. You didn't leave millions in a bank account, but you left me with riches worth much more.  You taught me love, patience and endurance.  You taught me to pray and you provided a beautiful example to follow.  You praised me when I did good and gently corrected me when I was wrong.  Your hands were soft and your heart was full.  I remember your voice when you read to me and when you fell asleep mid-sentence.  I will never forget the day we said goodbye forever.  I miss you every day and I love you.

I encourage to reach out to the person you call Mother.  Let them know how special they are.  Enjoy your weekend!  Warmly, Susan