Find Your Dream Home-#The Shaffer Way

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Real Estate

Hi!  Welcome Back to #FabulousFriday!  It's hard to believe that it is already the 2nd full week of January.  Real estate is returning to it's normal rhythms and routines in 2023.  We still expect many buyers to locate new homes and prices to continue to rise, but at a more seasonably adjusted ratio.  

Moreover, many buyers have been patiently waiting and wondering when the time is right to find their dream home.  Everyone's circumstances are different, so we have some tips and tricks to evaluate the best strategy to obtain your desired place to call home.  Here's the strategy we recommend when searching for the perfect property:

  • Begin with a system.  At Shaffer, we define Systems as...Save...Your...Self...Time...Effort and Money.  And as far as systems go--first you need a plan, next you need order. 
  • To create a plan--#The Shaffer Way:
    • It's as easy as 1, 2 and 3
      • Number One-Decide What House You Want.  
      • Number Two-Create a Plan to Achieve Step One With Your Real Estate Agent-Write "Draft" on it, keep revising your draft until the plan is set
      • Number Three-Execute.
  • Now You need order.  Order is predictable action and reaction.  All of us are ruled by our habits and they are accepted by us because of our repeated thoughts and experiences.  Therefore, we can control our outcomes to the extent that we can control our thoughts.  It's an awesome fact that we can control our thoughts and direct them toward a definite major purpose to achieve our goals.  
    • With the help of your agent, you will create a picture of the perfect property and begin the search together.  By collaborating together, you can achieve the milestone of acquiring the right home for your circumstances and needs.
  • With the picture of what you want in mind, list all the benefits you will achieve by moving into your desired location.  Is it close to schools, shopping, relatives, restaurants, or other necessary conveniences?  As you list these, combine each of your objectives with the necessary motive to propel you toward that desire.  This will empower you to manifest your dream home.  

Ready to get started?  Simply sign up on our site and start shopping today!  See you next Friday for more tips and tricks for living your very best real estate life.  Warmly, Susan