How to Be a Real Estate Rockstar-Part Two

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Hi!  Welcome back to #MentorshipMonday.  If you have tuned into Part Two-How to Become a Real Estate Rockstar-my guess is you absolutely know in your gut that real estate sales is your destiny.  And, if you are already licensed, you are probably trying to rekindle that initial spark you felt when you first decided to get your real estate license.  Remember that feeling of excitement?  It was exhilarating, right?

Every agent who gets their license dreams of the freedom from the grind of the 9-5 routine and a six to seven figure income.  And, something in you knows that you absolutely, positively can hit real estate superstardom.  But, the sad reality is that the attrition rate is high in the real estate industry.  Many take off like a rocket but fall from the sky quickly and hit the ground-hard.  In fact, many agents try many different strategies, they join brands that promise instant income overnight, but overlook the fact that up to 80% of what they earn will be retained by their company.  Some branch out on their own and try to find success buying internet leads-but have found the market is super saturated and the same leads are sold to as many as 20-30 different agents or agencies and most of them only include an email address--which is often a bogus email.

So, how do some agents make it and others don't?  What's the secret?  There are lots of obstacles and roadblocks, but here's what my background tells me:  You are reading this blog because you are destined to achieve great success in real estate and it's not a coincidence that you are reading this now.  You deserve to have your big dream, and we have a system that is designed to help you obtain all your hopes and dreams come true.  It's called The Shaffer Way: 7 Steps to Health, Wealth and Personal Happiness.  

So, here's a fact-real estate can be a labor of love.  It's a field where a person can earn a tremendous amount of financial wealth and freedom with very little formal education.  It comes without the headaches of running a large firm or the troubles of investing in the considerable resources and systems and business planning that are needed in setting up even a small business.  Real estate is still a small business but it only needs a few practical systems, habits and business practices to turn it into a profit making machine.  

There are 7 secrets I have learned over the years that can help.  The Shaffer Way:  7 Steps to Health, Wealth and Personal Happiness can be your personal roadmap to real estate success.  The Shaffer Way is designed to empower agents to set up simple systems, turn them into habits, allow them the freedom to dominate their own lives and circumstances, get whatever their heart yearns for in terms of accomplishments, help them raise a family, send children to college, plan for a tremendous retirement, buy whatever do-dads their hearts desire, travel the world, fund a charity, build a home--you get the picture.  We have learned many secrets over the last 30 years and we are excited to share them with you.

To take your real estate career to the next level-contact me today to schedule an in-person complimentary coaching/strategy business planning session.  See you soon!  Warmly, Susan