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Hi!  My name is Susan Shaffer and I am the Broker here at Shaffer Real Estate.  Perhaps you are reading this blog because you are seeking motivation.  Or, maybe it's because you are looking for some motivation to start your year off--the best way possible.  I am guessing you might have started January 1, 2022 staring at a blank piece of paper, trying to establish goals for the year.  Maybe you are trying to rekindle an initial spark that you felt the first time you accomplished big goals-or a big dream.  Remember that feeling of excitement?  It was exhilarating, right? 

But, let's talk about that blank piece of paper.  I know it's daunting, because I face it too.  Staring at a blank screen when it's time to write something inspirational-on demand-lol! So here's my advice:

  • Take risks.  I know it can be really hard to be vulnerable, but not as hard as ending our lives asking, “What if?” In my experience, a lot of people would rather not take the risk of being vulnerable to avoid getting hurt. This mindset prevents us from ever feeling joy to its most extreme extent. And, be willing to take criticism and feedback from people who care about you because they know and appreciate your imperfections while wanting the best for you. They are the ones who know the whole you and have seen you be vulnerable and vice versa.  Take a chance even if it means being vulnerable.  This is the only way we'll discover creativity and innovation.
  • Never settle for comfortable.  Comfort seems to be the answer for most people. According to one of my heroes, Brene Brown, the only way to overcome our shame, failure, and heartbreak is by choosing courage over comfort. Brown uses the concept of comfort to define vulnerability. Vulnerability is having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome. It’s about stepping outside our comfort zone.
  • Show gratitude.  Sometimes, we don’t truly appreciate what we have until we lose it. On the other hand, we spend time worrying we’ll lose the things we love and enjoy: our friends, family, health. The answer is to be thankful and enjoy everything in the moment. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee, your friend’s laughter, or getting up early to go for that morning run. Don’t take things for granted because everything is temporary in our lives.
  • Love your livelihood.  In order to have a joyful, happy life, we must enjoy our work because we are at work more than half of our adult lives. It can be hard to be vulnerable at work, but you have to be, or else you are going to feel isolated in the workplace. Vulnerability at work opens the door to friendships with coworkers, making this part of your life more enjoyable.  Because, your life is important-you matter.  This may be the exact time--your opportunity--to grow and become who you were always meant to be.
Here's my encouragement-you know that blank piece of paper you were staring at?  Take a risk and don't settle for comfortable.  Write down your dreams-today.  Commit to them and show gratitude for all the experiences that have led you to this moment in time.  
And, I wonder... have you always dreamed about becoming a real estate agent--but you were always afraid to try?  If so, I have great news coming soon.  Be sure to keep reading every Monday.  Look forward to sharing more with you!  Warmly, Susan