The Challenges--In Search of the Perfect Home

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Hello & Happy Friday!  This year has plagued many buyers with the search for the perfect home.  The shortage of inventory, the rising interest rates and the challenging economy have put a damper on many home buyers and their quest for finding the perfect home.  

I can completely understand, because, honest admission-I struggle with perfectionism.  If it’s not done correctly, I tend to agonize over finishing a task, until I feel that it’s just right. In fact, I sometimes pick things apart--down to the tiniest detail.  This can be exhausting for myself and others.  

I have had to learn to turn this over in my mind by changing my thinking.  I write “Draft” on many projects which empowers me to continue working on them and execute them at the same time.  Other experts recommend using the phrase, “Work in Progress.” 

Let’s talk about the benefits of perfectionism because it has served me well at times.  It motivates me to continue working on a project, revising it to make it better and when in school, resulted in better grades.  I recognize that I locked into this type of thinking from school, because I was graded on the “finished product.”  Unfortunately, in life, there are no finished products.  Business continues to evolve, and everything can be improved with technology and innovative thinking.

The key is balanced thinking.  With any trait or quality, it can become a strength or a weakness.  For example, you may procrastinate because you want things to be “just right.”  Or you may hold people to unreasonable standards because you want things done a certain way without giving others the opportunity to express their creativity or try things their way. 

So, how do you achieve balance?  How do you keep the good part of perfectionism-which is exceptionally high standards, without letting the bad part, unreasonableness, take over?

  • Review Projects as a Draft. Repeat to yourself-This is a “Draft.”  When you adopt this mindset, you experience numerous benefits, you are better able to take criticism.  You can see whatever you turn in, or accomplish as a first draft, or a version of your work.  Drafts aren’t expected to be perfect, so criticism isn’t an attack, it’s a way to make your draft better. 
  • You can see mistakes as opportunities. There are two ways to view mistakes, Failures or Opportunities.  The reality is that we all make mistakes.  So, the problem with viewing mistakes as failures is that we are judging ourselves and others-by a standard that’s impossible to reach.  In comparison, a draft gives yourself and others an opportunity to continue to learn and grow.  This allows the perspective to be viewed as an opportunity to collect data and improve. 
  • You go from being judge to teammate. We all hate to be judged.  Most people truly appreciate great teammates.  This helps not to concentrate on what others can do better.  Rather, the focus becomes what you can do to help others become better. 

So, my advice?  Think of working together with your significant other to cooperate, instead of making it "just right."  Try approaching your next home search with different criteria in mind.  Instead of finding the perfect home, can this one simply be the next step in attaining your goal of finding the perfect home?  Can you make this one an investment, while saving for your dream home?  Can you look at this property as the next step in achieving your financial goals?  The home you pick might not be perfect, but it can be your next, "Work in Progress."

If you want to begin a new home search today, simply sign up here on our site.  Happy shopping!  See you next week.  Warmly, Susan