The Motivation of Mentorship & Team Work

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Hi & Welcome back to #MentorshipMonday!  "Team work makes the dream work" was first coined by John Maxwell, a leadership and development guru in his book of the same name.  The basic concept is that only by working in a team will you fulfill your dreams.  Even though the book was written in 2002, it is just as relevant as it was when first published.  In light of the last two years, people are beginning to venture outside their homes and re-engage in the support and community found within workplace gatherings.  When a group of people work together, their desired results can be achieved and surpassed by the synergies experienced by the collective.  

Collaboration is key and the building block of solid relationships.  When peers come together in a group atmosphere, shared advice and insight benefits the entire group.  As each person shares their expertise on, guidance, encouragement or just a listening ear to show support, there is shared empowerment that takes place.  When the group experiences harmony, there is an innate sense of belonging, which is inherent to the human experience.  

Maxwell's book is a good reminder that we are all capable of success--and that we need other people to have true success.  Here are 5 benefits of team work:

1)  Relationships.  None of us can accomplish much alone and the relationships that we build might well define the extent of our success.

2)  Passion.  A person with passion makes things happen and can ignite others to follow.  A group of passionate people achieve exceptional results.

3)  Perserverance.  Many people struggle with perserverance.  There is an energetic resilience that appears when surrounded by a group of like minded people.  Determination through adversity makes winners.

4)  Responsibility.  A sense of responsibility is required by all of us and often not nurtured.  The talented individual may sometimes not develop a good sense of responsibility when excluded from a group.  The talented indiviual may not always be a great team player, but their skills benefit the whole enterprise.

5)  Courage.  The courage to face obstacles and take risks will take the team to great heights.  People who succeed are willing to act even if conditions are not perfect, will learn to ignore their fears and "go for it".

It's a refreshing change to welcome our communities back into the workplace.  In the words of Babe Ruth-"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.  You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."  At home, few of us have the potential to replicate the social connections that meaningful office atmospheres foster.  The work experience delivers purpose with a focus on physical, intellectual and social well-being.  Teams benefit from mentorship, camaraderie and social networks.  Here's to celebrating the return to the workplace!

See you next Monday for more insightful tips and tricks.  See you soon.  Warmly, Susan