The Top 5 Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home!

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Hi!  Welcome to the Top 5 Best Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home!  Here's what our top Shaffer agents/experts recommend:

Selling Secret Number 1:  The First Impression is the One that Counts.  In fact, this may be the only one that counts.  No matter how good your home looks on the inside, buyers have already judged your home before they walk through the front door.  Remember the old never get a second chance to make a first impression!  It's important to make people feel warm and welcome as they approach your home.  Be sure to spruce up the exterior with seasonal decor.  You can typically get 100% return on your investment for the funds you spend on enhancing your home's curb appeal.  Entryways are very important.  When you are selling, be sure to make it a welcoming space.

Selling Secret Number 2:  Always be ready to show.  Your home will need to be "show-ready" at all times.  You never know when the right buyer might walk through your front door.  Your home should be neat and clean.  Don't leave dishes in the sink or the beds unmade.  Be sure to put all your laundry away and empty the wastebaskets.  Keep the bathrooms sparkling and everything dusted.  It's a little inconvenient while you are still living there...but it will make a big difference in selling your home.

Selling Secret Number 3:  The kitchen can make or break a sale.  In fact, the benefits of remodeling your kitchen are endless.  It might cost a couple thousand dollars to replace the countertops, but a buyer will want to knock $10,000 off the sales price if they feel the kitchen isn't up to speed.  The fastest, most inexpensive fix you can make is to repaint the walls and ceilings and replace the kitchen knobs.  It's a quick--low cost DIY project, but it will have a huge payout.  If you have a little money to spend, consider replacing the kitchen appliances. Consider a new stainless steel refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.  If you only have the money for one state-of-the-art appliance, choose one to feature, but match it with two lesser expensive models.  

Selling Secret Number 4:  Light up your home.  Now that the fall season is upon us, it is time to maximize the light in your home.  After location, good lighting is one of the top reasons that buyers cite in choosing a home.  Be sure to take down heavy draperies, clean the blinds, change the lampshades, increase the wattage in your lightbulbs and trim the bushes to let the most amount of light into your home.  Take note of all the dark areas in your interiors and make it more bright and cheery.  Lighting makes a house feel like a home.  Be sure to let your light shine in.

Selling Secret Number 5:  Keep your closets and cabinets half-empty.  Storage is an important feature that many buyers are looking for.  In fact, it's one of the top priorities noted by buyers shopping for a new home.  Take half of the items in your closets, cabinets and pantries out and neatly organize what is left inside.  Buyers will be sure to open cabinets and look inside closets to make sure that there is room for their clothing, food and storage.  Be sure to neatly fold your towels and sheets, organize your canned goods and keep your closets half full of all the clothing that you may have.  Perhaps it is a good time to donate clothing and food to your local charity or food pantry.

At Shaffer Realty and Shaffer Real Estate, we are here to help you get ready to sell your home.  Contact us today to set up a complimentry market analysis of your property.  We look forward to being of service to you and your family.  Warmly, Susan