The Top Three Reasons to Start Golfing Today!

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Hi!  Welcome back to #FabulousFriday!  Now that fall is right around the corner, we are poised for fantastic weather--and--for getting out on the golf course.  Golf is a centuries-old sport that's enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.  While most people are familiar with the general concept of golf, I would like to share three interesting facts that you may not know:

1)  Golf can be great exercise.  In fact, exercise is a whole lot easier to accomplish when it is enjoyable.  Golf is one of the best ways to get fresh air and enjoy a bit of a cardiovascular workout while improving your relaxation and mental state.  While walking the course certainly provides a better workout than riding in a golf cart, it is still a better option than sitting all day.  Walking a course will naturally relate to more distance walked and more effort, therefore, better exercise.  Many also argue that walking the course can improve your performance and therefore your score.  Remember that most courses involve a number of hills and inclines that increases the intensity of the walk.  Golf not only gets your heart and lungs going but also uses many of the big muscle groups.  Swinging a club and lifting your bag many times during the day adds up to a fair amount of exercise.  The risk of injury is low and most people can play well into their older years.  

2)  Golf can provide mental health benefits.  While physical health is important, another benefit of golf is that it can improve your mental health.  While golf can be frustrating, the exercise, rewards of the game, fresh air and company of others all combines to improve mental health and wellness.  Golf requires mental concentration, a good amount of thinking and decision making.  This will help to keep you mentally sharp.  One has to think strategically about distance, club selection, course, techniques and a host of other factors.  While doing this you need to keep track of your score and what is happening with the other golfers playing with you.  Humans are social creatures and human contact and community is important.  Playing a round of golf is a great way to spend time with those you know or to meet new people.  This interaction is invaluable for our social wellbeing.

3)  Golf can help you burn calories.  Experts say you can burn roughly 1,400 to 1,600 calories during a round of golf if you walk.  If you use a cart you can burn roughly 800 to 900.  If combined with other exercise and a healthy diet, golf can help you stay fit and trim.  Another benefit is that it can be played by those that might have difficulty with high-impact exercise such as running, tennis or other sports.  While many have to quit a number of sports as they age, most are able to continue enjoying golfing for many years.  Getting cardiovascular exercise and burning calories has been proven to improve overall health and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and a range of other conditions.  Research shows it has been linked to an improved life span.  When combined with the relaxation and mental benefits of golf, it can be a healthy way to get regular exercise.

These three benefits are great reasons to spend more time on the golf course.  The health benefits, both physical and mental are impossible to dispute.  Getting up, getting out and into the fresh air is good for you.  While the benefits of the exercise, both cardiovascular and strength building will help burn calories and improve fitness, the many other benefits such as the social and mental aspects make the experience even better.  Tune in next Friday for more tips and tricks for living a great life!  Warmly, Susan

"The greatest thing about tomorrow is I will be better than I am today."-Tiger Woods