Top Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table!

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Hello!  Welcome back to #FabulousFriday!  It's almost time!  Here are the top tips for setting your Thanksgiving table.  Thanksgiving can be stressful enough hosting family and friends, cooking up a storm and handling the dishes that follow-so let us help you set the table!

1)  Start with a place mat or charger.  However, whether you use a place mat or a charger will depend on what type of setting you want to create.  A charger is for a more formal setting, a tablemat is better suited for an informal occasion.

2)  Mix up your dishware.  Don't be afraid to mix high and low, vintage and new, colors and patterns.  Just be sure to keep the theme simple and clean to avoid the setting feeling too busy.

3)  Place your silverware.  Place your silverware in order of its use (as a simple tip) so that you can work from the outside in.

4)  Use cloth napkins.  Yes, this might be going above and beyond for dinner this year, but they provide a more upscale experience.

5)  Water, white and red.  Remember those three words of decorating when setting the glassware at each spot.  Glassware should be positioned at the top right of your plates with water closest to your seat, following white for the first course, and red for wine or sparkling cider.

6)  Keeps items accessible.  Place items like salt and pepper or a butter spread around the table to make them more accessible.

7)  Try a place card.  No matter what your seating plan or tablescape theme, personalized place cards always make guests feel welcome.

8)  Add decorative accents.  Adding holiday accents or meaningful possessions add interest to your table setting.  A great trick is to add a few tall glass vases halfway with cranberries, then add branches from your yard.  Place the vases in the center of the table and you have an instant centerpiece!

Thanksgiving can be stressful, thanks for allowing us to help you set your table.  We hope you enjoy cooking up a storm and enjoying time with family and friends.  See you next week for more helpful lifestyle tips and tricks.  Warmly, Susan